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Emburs Wholesale


New for 2023, we at Emburs are very excited to be able to provide our products for you to sell in your Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, and much more!

Please take a look below of what we have to offer, for a full brochure please fill in your information below. 



Emburs provides a range of whole cheesecakes serving 12-14 slices. The can come pre-cut or pre-marked ready to be cut into equal sized portions at your own convenience. 


Shop Our Baked Range 

Emburs now brings you our very popular baked range. 

From classic indulgent triple chocolate brownie, to the firm favourite raspberry and white chocolate blondie. 

All you have to do is decide which flavours you'd like - this may be harder than you think!


Individual Cheesecakes 

Our individual cheesecakes are the ultimate luxury dessert option. Unique flavour options and exquisite decoration creates the ultimate wow factor!

Custom Orders

Here at Emburs we can create the ultimate treat for your customers. Please contact us for custom orders. 


To Request a Wholesale Brochure Please Let Us Know

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