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Emburs Since 2020

Emburs was started by me, Emma Bursey, hence the name! During the lockdown of 2020 Emburs was opened, intended as a pop up shop to provide families with some escapism, joy, and a delicous treat whilst going through tough times. Whilst working in Aldi I noticed families wanting to come in together just for something to do, this is what sowed the seed for what has now become something a lot bigger. 

By the end of summer 2020 it was very apparent the intended 6 weeks pop-up was going to be around for a bit longer - pop-up due to the ongoing degree I was reading for at Bristol University. 

2 Years on and a lot of renovation work in the shop (during the writing of my dissertation), Emburs is still here. 

2022 had become a huge year for us at Emburs, the direction I now wanted to move in was events based and wholesale. 2022 became extremely busy with us taking on events such as, Pembrokeshire county Show, Royal Welsh Winter Fair, and everything big and small in between! 

2023 we hope to continue the success, going to more events than the year before, continuing with the shop, and now building up our wholesale side of the business alongside our online shop so now everyone from afar can try the hidden treats of Pembrokeshire.

I continue to expand the business with huge ambition, but always striving for quality with first class service over quantity to ensure our loyal customers always have the best.

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